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November 4, 2008

A Little Late But Still Very Handsome

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Kimmies Cria- the last of the fall crias to be born

Kimmies Cria- the last of the fall crias to be born

On Monday morning Kimmie decided to stop keeping us in suspense and finally delivered her cria!  It was a beautiful warm morning and Kimmie had not shown any signs of labor during morning feeding, but shortly after her usual session at the hay feeder she started labor.


Kimmie was huge prior to giving birth and looked as if her cria was lying transverse across her abdomen, but Kimmie’s labor was routine and quick and within 30 minutes of the first noticeable sign of labor a beautiful boy was born.


Despite Kimmie’s size before giving birth her cria weighed 12.1 lbs – a surprise to all who know Kimmie as we were convinced she had a giant cria inside her.  Kimmie’s cria might be small but he is vigourous and sturdy and was on his feet looking for milk within 30 minutes of being born.  He is a dark fawn (or possibly a light brown) with shiny crimpy fiber and lots of it.


This little boy is Kimmie’s first cria and she is being a very good dam.  She clucks at him a lot and stands absolutely still while he nurses.  Looking at the size of Kimmie’s udder this little guy will never be short of milk!


So the last of the fall crias have been delivered and we have been fortunate to have beautiful weather for the crias to be born in.  We have had a few nights where the temperature has dipped below freezing but usually by this time of the year we are having snow and cold days.  Lets hope that we can have a few more warm days to let Kimmie’s boy get a good start in life.




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