A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

February 10, 2009

Then Came The Rain – And The Wind, And More Wind




Finally it rained!  Sunday morning was overcast and smelt like rain but nothing happened until the afternoon, when I was doing chores of course!  The skies grew darker and darker and I could see lightning around us.


As I finished up the girls the crias were enjoying the cool, damp air, running and pronging and having a good time.  Just as I reached the large blue shelter on the far side of the pasture the storm hit us.


Heavy rain, frequent, bright cloud to ground lightning and the roar that a 60 mph wind creates were the conditions we were treated to.  I say 60 mph wind, not because I had a wind gauge with me but because the air force base which is just a few miles to the west of us reported 60 mph winds at that time, with the wind coming directly from the west.


In the shelter with me were the three llamas (always weather smart), Cinnamon (also weather smart) and little Sleeper who is about 5 months old.  I knew that the rest of the girls would be squashed into the other shelter.  Despite us having built the large shelter old habits die hard for the girls and they always head for the smaller shelter in bad weather.  I could only hope that the other crias had headed to the small shelter with the majority of the girls.


Sleeper was naturally a little unsettled by the weather, the roar of the wind and the noise of the rain hitting the shelter were not something she was used to and her dam Keeva was nowhere to be seen.  Fortunately Sleeper likes being around people and she seemed reassured by my presence, but to be on the safe side I put my arms loosely around her to keep her from venturing outside.  Cinnamon had cushed shortly after the weather hit and sat watching the world blow past, while the llamas Maya, Inca and Griffin stood watching the weather taking the odd mouthful of hay as they watched.


We waited out the storm until the lightning and wind had died down a little, by that time Ric had come home and came out to the shelter to see where I was.  The rain was still torrential as we ventured back toward the house with Sleeper running ahead of us.  As we passed some of the pens I could see huddled together in the rain were the rest of the crias, poor little things were soaked through and so one by one we carried them back to the shelter where they could be reunited with their dams and stay out of the rain.


For the rest of the evening we had some good rain, although surprisingly the rain gauge only showed ¼ inch the next morning, we think the wind was blowing the rain so hard it never had a chance to get into the rain gauge, but whether it be sideways or vertical we will take whatever rain we can get!



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  1. Rosemary,

    We too had some relief with barely a half inch of rain + lots of wind! Today, we are expecting 35-40 sustained wind with gusts predicted up to 60+. And I’m preparing for my departure to TxOLAN. UGH!


    Comment by Susan Frank — February 10, 2009 @ 3:04 pm

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