A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

March 12, 2009

The Scent of Spring


I have some scented oil “The Scent of Spring” that I use in a potpourri crock to freshen the house.  It is a lovely scent reminiscent of hyacinths with just a hint of daffodils and really is very spring like. 


Recently though there is a different “Scent of Spring” at the farm and it’s not as pleasant as my scented oil for it is “The Scent of Skunk”! 


Skunk smell is very distinctive, once smelt never forgotten.  We usually have skunk visitors around this time of the year and this year is no exception.  A couple of nights ago we discovered that the skunk must have taken a walk around the perimeter of our house as there was a definite skunk “trail” wafting in the air.


The next morning our two outside dogs Missy and Tripster were both standing at alert with noses aquiver staring toward the area behind our back yard.  I suspect what they smelt was the skunk returning to its sleeping place.


Then Wednesday morning there was an overpowering scent of skunk in our adult male alpaca pen.  The skunk had not only lingered in that pen but had felt the need to really make its mark.  My suspicion is that the skunk came into the pen and tried to get a drink of water when it was disturbed.  Ric had filled the large water tub on Tuesday evening and it had run over creating quite a puddle in the boy’s pen and the area where that puddle was had the strongest smell of skunk.


My alpaca boys have previous for annoying skunks; they will crowd around the offending skunk trying to get a better look at it.  The skunk is not too happy about all of that attention and lets them know by spraying and if the alpacas are unlucky they get a direct hit of skunk spray.


March is usually the time we see the most skunk activity, the female skunks are busy finding good places to have their litters, by April we might be treated to the sight of baby skunks, which are undeniably cute!


Unfortunately skunks are known to sometimes carry rabies so we will do our best to persuade the skunk to move on to pastures new, sometimes just the unwanted attention of the boys is enough to persuade the skunk to move on.  If not we will have to employ our live trap to capture the skunk and relocate it – taking with it that very special “Scent of Spring” that only skunks can provide!




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