A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

August 30, 2009

Mags Makes An Appearance

Yes, Mags made an appearance on Friday; he appeared beside me by one of the poop piles, which would have been fine except that the poop pile was not in the pen where Mags stays.

I had been busy scooping poop in the mature male’s pen when Mags made his appearance.  Mags always likes to check out what I am doing and often stands on the fence line when I am working in the mature male’s pen which is adjacent to the junior male’s pen where Mags stays.   On Friday I guess Mags decided that it was time to venture into pastures new and hopped over the dividing fence.  I have to give him credit for his skill in jumping the fence, I didn’t even hear him land and I was close by to where he landed.  Very graceful jumping Mags!

One minute I was scooping poop alone, the next minute there was Mags furry face beside me.  Of course Mags had no idea that he had just invaded the territory of the more senior male alpacas, but Tobiano and Asteroid soon spotted the intruder and started heading his way.  Fortunately Mags can be easily guided and so I quickly led him to the gate between the two pens and put him back where he belonged just as Tobiano also reached the gate ready to take on the young punk who had just invaded his space – phew!  I think Mags would have had a rude awakening had Tobiano reached him before I did.

It didn’t take much to figure out how Mags was so easily able to jump the dividing fence.  Our spring winds had piled dirt against the fence line reducing our five foot fence to a three foot fence, a height that was no challenge to a rapidly growing Mags.

Saturday morning saw Ric out with the tractor removing the built up dirt by the fence line.  We had never had one of the boys think about jumping the fence before but now it had been done once we didn’t want to risk it happening again.   Next time Mags makes an appearance it will probably be at our Open Farm Day a much safer venue than the mature male’s pen!



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