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February 7, 2009

Delivering Crias Long Distance

Here I Come - A New Cria Enters the World

Here I Come - A New Cria Enters the World


Thursday afternoon brought us a telephone call from Dale Amer a retired Air Force friend of Ric’s.    Dale and Ric worked together in the Air Force for several years, when Dale retired from the Air Force he went into a construction related business in Louisiana.  Last year Dale had contacted us about alpacas and the alpaca business.  After visiting with us Dale purchased some alpacas from a farm in Louisiana, the owner of the alpacas was looking to retire and as the alpacas were already acclimatized to the heat and humidity of that area they were a good purchase for Dale as a new breeder.


With all of the storms that have taken place in Louisiana and the surrounding states Dale has been extremely busy with his construction business and has not had much time to update us on his alpaca business.


Thursday afternoon though, Dale arrived home to discover that one of his maiden female alpacas was having a cria.  Dale has delivered calves before, and has also owned horses that foaled, but the horses foaled at night so Dale never saw them being born.  To be on the safe side Dale gave us a call to ask us if what he was seeing was normal.


Apart from the delivery being a little later in the day than is usual for alpacas, what Dale described to us over the phone sounded to be a textbook delivery. Head, neck and legs were presented, the cria was breathing and Dale was seeing regular progress.  We stayed on the phone with Dale until the cria was on the ground and then let him go to take care of the alpaca and her new cria.  A follow up call a short while later let us know that both dam and cria were doing well and that the cria was a girl!


We answered a few questions Dale had, mentioned a few tips and aspects of care that might be helpful to him and then let him get on his way to enjoying the first cria born at his farm.  What a great moment to share with a friend over the phone.  Congratulations Dale, we hope your new cria continues to follow the path of the easy delivery that brought her into this world and that she goes on to bring you much success.






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