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December 2, 2007

Congratulations Moonie!

Windrush Moonlight Surprise  We had good news yesterday from our clients and alpaca friends Donna Given and Tamara Garel of Kiss Me Alpacas in Bandera, Texas.  Their female alpaca Celeste who was bred to our herdsire Windrush Moonlight Surprise (Moonie) has delivered her cria – a white male.  We are always excited to hear of one of our “grandchildren” being born, but particularly so with this one as it is Moonie’s first cria.

The cria was born quickly and without problems, he is very vigorous, was cushed within minutes of being born and was trying to stand shortly afterward.  It still amazes me how fast crias are up and standing following birth, their ability to do so being an instinctual behavior that helps them to avoid becoming prey.

This is Celeste’s third cria and to me brings back memories of when Celeste was boarded here and had her first cria.  I was really concerned with that birthing that Celeste would need assistance, as she was not dilated much, but she delivered him without any help.  I had two friends visiting the farm that day, one of whom was a nurse, I still remember her asking me if I knew how to perform an episiotomy on an alpaca, and being grateful that we did not have to resort to that!

Now Celeste is an experienced dam and a good one too, she is very attentive towards her crias and produces good milk, I am sure Moonie’s new son will thrive under the care of Celeste and of course Donna and Tamara.

It is a shame that Donna and Tamara live such a distance from us, as I would love to see Moonie’s first cria in person.   Tamara has promised to send me pictures and Celeste may come here for her next breeding in which case I will get to meet her new cria then.

So congratulations to Moonie, who now is a proven herdsire and of course congratulations to Donna and Tamara on your new arrival, may he win many ribbons for you and one day become a striking herdsire just like his sire!


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