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May 14, 2009

An Exciting Product Development


Alpaca Dream Wear Resistol Hat

Alpaca Dream Wear Resistol Hat

Alpaca Dream Weare Resistol Hat - Alternative View

Alpaca Dream Weare Resistol Hat - Alternative View








While at the Great Western Alpaca Show in Denver recently I noticed some flyers on the walls advertising Resistol brand alpaca western hats for sale.  As I read the flyer I discovered that our friends and fellow alpaca breeders Tom and Judy Kania who own Our Field of Dreams Ranch in Earlsboro, Oklahoma were selling the hats.

I made a point to go to Tom and Judy’s booth at the show to say hello and also to see what their hats looked like and I was impressed.

 In our area cowboy and western hats are a big deal, we still have working cowboys in our area and with our hot sun and dusty conditions a good hat is an essential item.  Cowboy and Western hats can range from $50 for a low quality hat to many thousands for a top of the line hat.  So during my time in New Mexico I have seen my fair share of cowboy and western hats.

 Tom and Judy are marketing their hats under the name of Alpaca Dream Wear.  At the show they were joined by their farm manager Renee Mays, who was busy selling hats to customers. 

For me while it was exciting to see such a beautifully turned out product, what was more exciting was that Tom and Judy had come up with the idea of using alpaca fiber in a Resistol hat and had followed through on research and development of their product.

According to Resistol’s web site  they are “the largest manufacturer of headwear in the world”. Just think on that for a moment, the largest manufacturer of headwear in the world has just produced an alpaca hat (it is actually blended with some rabbit fur) made from alpaca fiber raised in the United States. That is definitely a step in the right direction for the future of the alpaca fiber industry.

 If Resistol were willing to develop and manufacture this hat is that not another indication that finally the North American Alpaca fiber industry is breaking into the world of mass production of alpaca products?

 Of course this is only the first run of the hats, but if sales at the Great Western Alpaca Show are anything to go by there will be many more runs to follow.  How wonderful it would be if eventually the Resistol Alpaca Dream Wear hat achieved world wide distribution.

 The Alpaca Dream Wear hat is a nice light weight with a smooth, soft texture, being made of alpaca it should be durable and stain resistant.  The light weight of the hat will allow those who prefer to wear a felt type hat to do so in the summer in comfort instead of having to wear a heavier felt type hat made from another fiber.

 I am sure Tom and Judy have put in a lot of time and effort into the development of the Alpaca Dream Wear Resistol hat, things like that don’t just happen on their own.  That time and effort will not only reward them but also will contribute to the future success of the alpaca industry.

 According to Judy, Renee Mays and her husband Phil (Tom and Judy’s ranch managers) have played their part in the development of the Alpaca Dream Wear Resistol hats.  Renee and Phil have provided enthusiasm and encouragement to keep going on the idea and have been a lot of help in bringing the hats to fruition.  Any time you are developing a product support from those around you is important.

 Naturally I had to buy one of the Resistol hats, not only to support Tom and Judy in their venture, but also because a certain husband has a birthday in May and is particularly partial to wearing a hat and I know he will be proud to wear an alpaca Resistol hat.


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