A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

November 19, 2009

It’s Almost Time For…..

Open Farm Day!  This Saturday November 21 we will again be opening the farm to the public from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

We try to have an Open Farm Day at least once a quarter but with the holiday season rapidly approaching we will be having Open Farm Days on November 21 and December 19.  In addition to the Open Farm Days we will also be opening the Farm Store from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. every Saturday in December until Christmas.  So there will be plenty of opportunity for people to come out and do their Christmas shopping and also see the alpacas between now and Christmas.

There is always much preparation for an Open Farm Day, new products to be found, inventory to be priced and put out on display, copies of alpaca coloring pages to be made to help keep the little ones entertained, cookies to be baked and a general tidy up around the farm.

I am excited that we have recently started to offer a few new products, pretty Peruvian alpaca hats, needle felting starter kits in bright colors, handmade soaps covered in a felted alpaca wrap that smell divine and also alpaca bird nesting balls to help the birds build their nests in the spring.  It’s great that we have access to such a diverse selection of alpaca goodies and shows how people in the alpaca industry are becoming very creative in using our versatile alpaca fiber.


Alpaca Bird Nesting Ball

Alpaca Bird Nesting Ball (picture courtesy of Alpacas of the Covenant the creators of this neat alpaca product)

Of course we will also have plenty of alpaca socks in stock along with gloves, scarves, ski bands, yarn and rugs.   We feel it is important to have a nice selection of inventory on hand to suit everyone’s budget and so have products ranging in price from $10 to $200.

The alpacas of course always receive a lot of attention during Open Farm Days and hopefully will be on their best behavior.  They usually manage to easily entertain our visitors with their curious stares and cautious sniffs.  I can guarantee that they will have their pictures taken several times during the day and I suspect Theresa’s new cria will be the star of the show.

Hopefully our warm and sunny weather will hold out at least through the weekend, it’s always more pleasant for our visitors if they can stand in a warm, sunny pasture, but of course those colder days make people appreciate the warmth of alpaca fiber more.  Whatever the weather we will enjoy meeting those who come out to the farm and hope that they will enjoy meeting us and spending their time here too.



April 10, 2008

Rain, Rugs and Au Revoir

Yesterday we woke up to a rumbling noise which at first we thought was the sound of rail cars being moved around on the nearby rail road track, but then there was a bright flash followed by more rumbling – it was thunder and lightning.  Listening to the sound of the thunder and lightning we started to hope to hear the sound of raindrops, and after a few minutes our wish for rain was realized.  The rain was light and fell slowly at first but then it picked up intensity and for a short while we had a good rain, something we were desperate to hear and see.  While we had a little snow at Easter it has been well over six weeks since we last saw any measurable precipitation, so yesterday’s rain was nothing but good.


As the rain grew heavier the alpacas took shelter in their various barns but even some of them chose to sit out in the rain to enjoy the moisture.  The rain soon stopped and there was just the occasional light shower throughout the day.  The additional moisture in the air made our alpaca’s fleeces feel softer than ever, what a shame we cannot have some moisture in the weather every day, but then no doubt we would complain about things being too wet all the time.


Following chores it was off to the bank to make some deposits and then a quick stop to show off our latest shipment of alpaca rugs that had arrived on Tuesday.  The alpaca rugs and energy mats are selling well and since the arrival of the shipment two of the rugs have already sold as well as one of the energy mats.  The energy mat I sold to the FedEx driver who delivered our shipment, as someone who sits all day he was interested in the energy mats and wanted to try one out to see if it will make his long days of driving any more comfortable – I bet it will.


The rest of the day had been set aside to help our friends Justus and MJ pack up their removal van in preparation for their move to Colorado.   Between us we managed to get everything packed except for those few items that just would not fit in either the removal van, their vehicles, their trailer or their travel trailer.  It looks as if Justus and MJ will need to make one trip back to collect those final things.


We will miss Justus and MJ; they have been a part of our lives now for several years since they first arrived at Clovis when Justus was still in the Air Force.  We were their sponsors and soon grew to love them for their great sense of humor and their love of life.  Over the years they have helped us shear, helped with one of the crias who got an infection and was very sick (including a heart stopping moment of anaphylactic shock following a dose of penicillin) and have even ranch sit for us on occasion.  Since they announced their move to Colorado I have been joking with them that perhaps they should advertise as ranch sitters in their new community as there are a lot of alpaca farms in the area they are moving too.  It may turn out that my joke becomes a valid suggestion, you never know!


We hope from time to time we will be able still see Justus and MJ, they will be on our route to the Great Western Alpaca Show which takes place in May every year, and being only seven hours away they are relatively close in a Southwestern terms.  So rather than say goodbye to them yesterday we bid them Au Revior as we are sure that we will be seeing them again.  Good luck in your new home Justus and MJ, we all (alpacas included) will miss you being so close but know that you will always be a part of our lives.



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