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February 27, 2008

Not Quite a Hat but Getting There

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Landscapes HatMy latest knitting project is almost complete. It got off to a good start and then got postponed as we prepared for the show. I had high hopes of knitting on the journey to the show but we were so late setting off it was dark before we got an hour down the road. I have a little light that I travel with to help me be able to knit in the truck after dark, but the yarn I am using splits easily and the fact that the section I am working on is a mid blue didn’t help my progress.

I did manage to cast on the stitches for the next section but the eyestrain just doing that was a little much and so I had to put the project aside for a while.

When we returned home I did get a chance to do some knitting – as I sat with Ric at the hospital as we waited to see the doctor. I knew we were going to have a long wait (it turned out to be over two hours until we even got to see the doctor) and so went to the hospital prepared. The time goes by a lot quicker when you have something to do.

While at the hospital I discovered that I had actually twisted the knitting on the circular needles creating a möbius band – not what I wanted at all. It seems as if every time I read the words “be careful not to twist the knitting on the circular needles” it is an automatic signal to my brain to do just that!

Still by the time we left the hospital I had ripped out the bad knitting and recreated the piece to where it was when we arrived, so all was not lost.

The next section will form the crown and will attach to the main body of the hat that you see pictured above. The yarn is Landscapes, a lovely blend of alpaca and silk from Alpaca With A Twist and the hat has a beautiful soft feel to it.

The hat will be finished soon and then it will be on to the next craft project, I still have a couple of sweaters on my to do list, but of course there is still that matching sock to make to complete the pair I have already started. Whatever the next project is one thing’s for sure, it will be made of alpaca!



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