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January 21, 2009

Getting the young folks involved


The Alpaca Breeders and Owners Association recently announced the formation of the AOBA Youth Association.


Years ago when we first joined AOBA the Paca Pac Club was in existence.  I must admit we didn’t pay too much attention to the Paca Pac Club, as we didn’t have small children to keep entertained at shows.  It seemed as if the Paca Pac Club mainly went into action at the Annual Conference and its purpose was to provide something for children to do while their parents showed alpacas and attended seminars.


Not too long after we had joined AOBA the Paca Pac Club was fazed out.  The exhibitors did not utilize it, perhaps because at that time the majority of alpaca owners were past the age of having small children around (I’m trying to be diplomatic here about the average age of alpaca owners in the 1990’s)


Looking back at the Spring 1999 edition of Alpacas Magazine, I see there was an announcement of the 1st Annual Writing Contest for Children.  I’m not aware that there was ever a 2nd Annual Writing Contest for Children so I am not sure what happened to that venture.  (I have always told Ric that I would need to refer to those old magazines one day, today’s the day and how interesting to look back on how things were then!)


These days we have younger families owning alpacas and joining AOBA.  Some of the families already have children, others still have that part of their lives to come (maybe) but there are definitely more young faces at alpaca shows and events these days.  There are also children who do not own alpacas but are very interested in learning about them.


Hence the time seems right for the formation of a Youth Division.


The AOBA Youth Division (AYA) website states:


The AYA will work with all youth organizations such as 4H, FFA, scouts to form AOBA’s premier youth association.


Components of AYA will provide opportunities to learn more about alpacas, participate in youth shows; learn to become our future alpaca breeders, leadership training and development and top notch education.”



To learn more about AYA then check out their website at http://www.aobayouthassociation.com   There you can register your child to be a member, learn more about the initial focus of the group and read about member benefits (did someone mention scholarships?).  Bear in mind that the AYA is still in the development stage, if you are already an AOBA member you should receive emails regarding the progress of AYA, if you are not an AOBA member it will be worth checking back to the website on a regular basis to keep updated with the activities of AYA.


It will be interesting to see the AYA develop, the alpaca industry has always professed to be very much family oriented and so to create more youth involvement in the world of alpacas is a good thing.



June 17, 2008

And The Honorable Mention Goes To……. Me!

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AOBA Nationals Photo Contest Ribbon

Just before I left for my trip to England I made a last minute decision to enter some of my photographs in the Photo Competition at the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA) National Show, which was held this year in Sandy, Utah.  The National show is one of the largest alpaca shows in the US and while I was not going to be able to enter alpacas in the show I thought I could at least enter the photo competition.


I sent in three photos, one was of Blast nursing when he was a cria, the other was of young Megan Stewart (daughter of our friend Jennifer Stewart) in with some of the male alpacas, and the third was of Jennifer Stewart and Zeus at Halloween when Jennifer visited our farm dressed as a clown.


I hadn’t heard anything back on my photo entries until the other day when a large padded envelope arrived in the mail.  Inside was a ribbon and a letter from AOBA informing me that I had received an honorable mention in the Humor Category for my photo of Jennifer and Zeus.  I was very pleased, this is the first time I had ever won any sort of award for photography and as my photos usually leave a lot to be desired it is quite an achievement for me!


For the competition I titled the photo “I’m cute what’s your excuse” and you can see it on my blog entry for November 1, 2007.   Part way through that blog entry you will see two pictures together, the one I submitted to the competition is the one on the right hand side.


The ribbon will now go on display in our studio I think, along with a copy of the picture.  It will also be printed in the Autumn 2008 copy of Alpacas Magazine and will eventually be loaded on the AOBA members website www.alpacaowners.com – not bad for a last minute entry!



November 16, 2007

Available Now At A Bookstore Near You!

Yesterday evening as I was doing chores my neighbor Darlene stopped by for a visit.  Darlene loves the alpacas and will often stop in on the way home from work, Regent is her particular favorite and of course she always likes to come and meet the new crias.

Darlene had recently been to Waco, Texas and had visited the Tractor Supply Store there.  In the store she had come across the Autumn Issue of Alpacas Magazine and had purchased a copy for us in case we didn’t receive it.

We do have a subscription to Alpacas Magazine and look forward to it arriving.  Alpacas Magazine is published on a quarterly basis and also puts out an annual Herdsire Edition.  The magazine is full of articles relating to alpaca ownership and makes for great reading.

I was pleased to hear from Darlene that she had come across the magazine in her travels; this is definitely a good thing as it raises awareness of alpacas.  Years ago when we first joined the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA) the only way to receive Alpacas Magazine was via membership of AOBA or by special request to the AOBA office.  Now you can obtain a copy of Alpacas Magazine at most Tractor Supply Company Stores, Barnes and Noble Stores, Amazon.com or by ordering from AOBA.

Alpacas Magazine is not the only alpaca publication out there; other alpaca related publications are Camelid Quarterly, Show and Tell Magazine and American Livestock Magazine.

So next time you are in a bookstore, take a look at the shelves and treat yourself to a copy of one of the magazines about alpacas, or if you are more of an online shopper, click on one of the links in this blog post and you will be taken to the ordering information to have that publication delivered to your home.

Happy reading!


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