A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

June 27, 2008

And It’s Back to the Cria Introductions with …….

Anacia as a new born

Windrush Anacia, daughter of our Windrush Anya.  Anacia was born on June 2nd, the sixth cria of our cria season.  When Anacia was born we were already bottling feeding Dream and taking care of little Legs as well as shearing.  Life was busy to say the least and the picture at the start of this post is the only one I have of Anacia when she was new born.  That’s a sure sign I was really busy when I only have one photo of a newborn cria!


Anacia was a big cria, weighing in at 21.7 lbs.  Her dam Anya is a big girl, but this was her first pregnancy and the delivery was a little tricky.  First Anacia’s head only presented, then after we had eased Anacia’s legs out Anya became tired and stopped while Anacia’s rib cage was half delivered.  As I watched Anacia start to turn blue I knew that the contractions were squeezing hard on her rib cage and it was time to help with some gentle pulling to ease Anacia’s body out of Anya.  Having delivered Anacia past her rib cage and seeing her color return, I waited for her hind legs to be delivered, which is usually very quick.  Anya though was tired and took another break from delivery; Anacia now being very alert tried to cush while she only had the front end of her body out in the open!  I have not seen a cria do that before (and I should have had my camera there for that picture), so Anacia sat quite patiently until Anya gave one final contraction.


Poor Anya looked quite drawn down after delivering Anacia and the placenta.  We gave Anya some extra feed and hay, a cool bucket of water and some MSE drench to perk her up.  I also started her on a course of arnica in applesauce three times a day to help reduce soreness and swelling following delivery.


Anacia unfortunately picked up the same infection as Legs the day after she was born and so the first few days of her life were spent with her receiving antibiotic shots to fight the infection and banamine shots to keep her temperature down.  Fortunately Anacia made a full recovery and is now a healthy, hearty 35 lbs plus cria.  She loves to prong in the evening and is so pretty as she glides around the pasture leading the other crias in their nightly dance.


Anacia was beige when she was born, almost a very light champagne color, but we believe as she ages she will most likely be all white.  I am curious to see how her personality emerges, as her dam Anya is very outgoing and is always the first in line for food.  At feeding time it almost seems as if we have several Anya’s as where ever we go with the feed there is Anya.


I will try and capture a better picture of Anacia in the next day or so as she is a pretty girl and you really can’t see her well in my one and only picture!



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