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October 1, 2007

AOBA Judges Training

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Rosemary is still away on her training course and volunteering for the first ever AOBA Judges training course held in Oklahoma.  The much-anticipated judges training event is an absolute must for AOBA to ensure the high quality of certified judges.  The training each judge completes to become certified as an AOBA judge is extremely comprehensive.  The applicants are normally screened and must have been in the alpaca industry for a specified length of time.  The judges in training then go through a solid three days of textbook and hands-on practical experience.  The judges are trained in fleece, conformation, comments, minor faults major faults, and serious faults, and many other areas of observation as they systematically single out the best animal from second, second from third and so on.  The training also includes hands on with the fleece as well as with the animals themselves.  The judges in training must pass this course with a fairly accuracy score.


            Before the judges can be certified as AOBA judges each apprentice must then attend a specified number of level II, level III, level IV or level V shows working in the ring alongside a certified training judge.  The apprentice may discuss different aspects of each animal but the certified judge makes the final decision on animal placement in the show ring.  The training judge will then write a lengthy report on the apprentice performance in the ring and that is turned and evaluated by the AOBA show division.  Once the apprentice has satisfactorily completed all aspects of show apprenticing both in halter and in fleece then the show committee can award the new judge his or her certification as an AOBA judge.  This entire process can take up to three years or longer to complete.


            The next time you’re in the show ring feel confident that the judge has taken a lot of time and effort on his or her part to be there judging your animals with confidence.


            Life here at Windrush has gotten back into routine of getting chores completed fixing fence and completing the multiple jobs that seem to pop up every day on any farm.


            Today I will be challenged to get all the chores completed, check on all the animals to make sure everything is OK and get ready to go to my other job by 8:45.  I sometimes accept opportunities to substitute teach in our local school district and I accepted the challenge of teaching a high school class today so I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.


            Just a quick note to let everyone know little Zeus gained weight again yesterday, not as much as I would have liked but every gain is a good sign.  Last night when I checked on the animals before going to bed Zeus was playing King of the Hill and standing on the mound as he frolicked around the pasture.  I think he must take after Rosemary and is turning into a night owl, as all the rest of the animals were settled in for the night.



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