A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

March 24, 2008

From Sun To Snow

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Our Open Farm Day went well, with visitors coming and going throughout the day.  Some came to buy products, others came to see the alpacas and some people were interested in learning more about starting their own alpaca farm.

The alpacas all behaved well although the girls kept their distance from the fence line.  They seemed to know that it was in their best interests to stay away from the visitors this time and take things easy.   Asteroid was a star as usual and even tolerated being a participant in a toenail trimming display.  He was ready for a break by the end of the day but with Asteroid as long as he is getting kisses and attention he is quite happy to be touched and talked about.

The weather for Open Farm Day was perfect, in the low 70’s with blue skies and no wind!  We couldn’t have asked for a better day.  The girls did a fair bit of sunbathing, no doubt allowing their unborn crias the benefit of some warmth from the sun and perhaps even a little Vitamin D as the girls stretched out on their sides exposing their bellies – one of the few areas where their fiber coverage is less and perhaps might allow some vitamins to soak through.

Our last visitors left at about 4:15 p.m. giving Ric and I just enough time to draw breath before doing evening chores.

The forecast for Easter Sunday was for snow, and as the temperature was still relatively warm by 9 p.m. we couldn’t imagine that there was the slightest possibility that the weatherman’s prediction could be correct.  We should know better by now, New Mexico Spring weather can quickly swing from one end of the spectrum to the other and by 11 p.m. the winds were howling.  I checked on the alpacas and could see that they had all gathered either in or in front of their shelters for the night.

By Easter morning the snow prediction had come true, the snow was unable to accumulate as the ground was too warm, and the snowflakes that fell were tiny ones, but fall they did.  The temperature hovered just above freezing, not too bad for us to do chores in, but once again the poor alpacas systems were challenged with a 30 –40 degree temperature change. 

The moisture from the snow was most welcome and as the snow fell slowly but constantly throughout the day the moisture was able to soak into the ground. 

This spring is definitely cooler, by this time last year I had been wearing shorts for a least a couple of weeks, but also by this time last year our town had been hit by a tornado.  Easter Sunday (March 23) was the first anniversary of the tornado that hit just a few miles away from our farm.  We were very lucky to be spared any damage or devastation, but other families were not so lucky.  

Our temperature change between Saturday and Sunday was extreme, but I will take that and a little moisture over a tornado any time.  It’s anyone’s guess at the moment what weather we will experience for the rest of Spring and Summer but I am hoping that it will involve at least a little rain and no tornados.


March 20, 2008

Spring Farm Day

We are busy preparing for our Spring Open Farm Day this Saturday.  With the recent winds and dust blowing everywhere the studio, which we open to the public, needs a good cleaning. 

Today we will clean the studio and then arrange everything in readiness to display our alpaca products and informational handouts.  We have a group of ladies from a garden club coming to the Open Farm Day and so I want to make sure we have information available to them as to how beneficial alpaca poop is to the garden, how well it composts and how to use alpaca fiber to provide nourishment and help retain water around your plants.

During the recent arts and craft show that we participated in there was a lot of interest in the Open Farm Day so we are expecting a good crowd.  If the weather is warm and not windy (dare we hope for that!) I am sure many people will want to come and see the alpacas.  At the moment the forecast is for a slight chance of rain showers.  If we do get showers I doubt that anyone from the local area will be complaining, as we are so desperate for rain.

With so many of the girls being close to having their crias we will not be taking visiting groups into the girls pen.  They will be able to visit with the girls over the fence if the girls wish to do so, but we do not want to force excessive attention on the girls at this stage of their pregnancy.  By the next Open Farm Day the crias will have been born and are sure to be an attraction.

The boys will be available for visits and I am sure Asteroid our people friendly alpaca will be getting more than his share of kisses and attention.  Asteroid really is a crowd pleaser and loves to interact with visitors.

Today we are forecast for 40 mph winds all day, so we won’t be spending much time sweeping up the patios and carports, the dust will be back as fast as we sweep it away.  We will just have to leave that chore until Friday when things are supposed to be a little calmer.

If you are in the Clovis area on Saturday (March 22) then come on out and join us.  The farm will be open to the public from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and we would love to meet you!


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