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January 26, 2008

Cossy Gets A Perm!

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Curly Cosmo

I wonder what goes on in the alpaca pastures overnight.  Sometimes I go out in the morning and see something in the pastures that defies explanation.  I have had the privilege of spending several nights in the pasture with the alpacas, and the most excitement I saw was the girls chasing a rabbit and alpacas deep in sleep twitching their feet as they dreamt.  Apart from that the only other thing that seems to go on in the pastures at night was eating hay.

Yesterday morning there was snow on the ground during morning chores. There was also some freezing fog and as the moisture landed on the trees they turned into beautiful white sculptures.  As cold as the air was, it was a beautiful morning, and perhaps I felt better about the cold weather as the forecast for later in the day was temperatures in the 50’s – finally a little warmer weather.

When I was feeding one of the groups of boys, Cosmo, one of our three suri alpacas came over to see what I was doing.  Cosmo (or Cossy as we usually call him) usually sports the typical suri hairdo of long twisted locks hanging over his face.  He always looks quite fetching and his stylish looks are usually only ruined by my attempts to trim his topknot when it becomes obvious that it is preventing him from seeing properly.  My hair dressing skills are slim to none (ask Ric, he will willingly verify that) and usually following my attempts to trim Cossy’s topknot he looks as if I have stuck a basin on his head and cut around it.  Fortunately Cossy’s topknot grows back quickly, so my poor attempts at trimming are not evident for long.

As I looked at Cossy yesterday morning I realized he looked different, it took me a moment to realize that his topknot had gone curly!  Cossy had a perm! 

Now I am pretty certain that the male alpacas did not sit down with a set of perm curlers and perming solution and create Cossy’s masterpiece.  I hope not anyway, or maybe I should hope they did as then we could make a fortune having them demonstrating their skills!  Rather I suspect that something to do with the moisture conditions had caused Cossy’s locks to separate more than usually, which allowed the individual hairs to curl more.   This is the first time I had ever seen this happen though, and we have owned Cossy for several years and seen him in many different weather conditions.

I am sure a suri breeder could provide an explanation of the significance of Cossy’s curly hair do.   The fact that his locks could change so overnight probably indicates something about his fleece.  

I will be interested to see how Cossy’s topknot looks this morning, most likely it will be back to normal.  Of course, if I go into the boys pasture and find Cossy sporting a mohican hairdo or anything else unnatural I guess it will be time to start putting camera’s in the pasture overnight and calling the media to have them come and film my beauty school boys!


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