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October 28, 2008

Paca Jammies!

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Clarissa's Boy Wearing His Paca Jammies

Clarissa's Boy Wearing His Paca Jammies


With the last few evenings having temperatures in the 30’s I have been putting the three smallest crias and their dams in a sheltered stall overnight.  The first night the dams were not at all impressed, they did lots of humming and poked their heads through the stall panels.  Once I made the situation more appealing by adding a little alfalfa to their hay feeder the dams decided that it was not really that bad of a deal and have got into the routine of being taken over to the stall every night.


The crias love to bed down in the straw in the stall, and their cria coats give them some added warmth.  When I check on them through the evening I can feel that their little bodies are warm under their coats, which is exactly what I want.


Clarissa’s cria has had a slow start with his weight gain and so has been the cria that I have been most worried about keeping warm.  He just doesn’t have any extra calories to waste on shivering and trying to keep warm.    I had a little dog coat that I put on him in addition to his cria coat, and while I could get it on it wasn’t the best fit.


Regina Dart had suggested to me that I try a children’s sweatshirt on Clarissa’s little man to see if that would help.  I had mentioned this to my neighbor Darlene, who has been dropping by to check up on me and help with the chores when she can while Ric is away.


On Sunday Darlene invited me to her house for Belgian Waffles (and very nice they were too), once we had finished eating Darlene told me that we had a project to do.  She then produced a small hooded zip up sweatshirt with a soft fleece lining – an extra coat for Clarissa’s little man.  Darlene cut the hood and the labels off the sweatshirt and we tried it on Clarissa’s cria – it fit’s!


The sweatshirt doesn’t unzip completely so you have to be a little crafty about getting the crias back legs through, but once that part is done it is quite easy to manipulate the crias front legs into the sleeves of the sweatshirt and behold – Paca Jammies!


The extra effort to keep Clarissa’s cria warm is also paying off as he is showing more regular weight gain and now starting to act like a cria should, with some bucking and kicking and running around the pasture.  


I am not really one for dressing up my pets (I believe that my dogs have fur for warmth and don’t really need the addition of any doggie clothes), but I have to admit that Clarissa’s little boy looks incredibly cute in his new outfit – what do you think?




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