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February 10, 2008

Just Like His Dad!

Enchantment’s Snow Prince - Profile

I have been trying to get a good picture of Enchantment’s Snow Prince who is staying with us temporarily so that he can attend the TxOLAN Alpaca Spectacular in Fort Worth next week.

Snow Prince has settled in well with the weanling group.  We did end up putting Shiimsa back in with the main herd until the show, she is coming up to breeding age and while Snow Prince is a little young to be breeding he is within the window when it could be a possibility.  Having said that he hasn’t tried anything on with either Velvet or Athena and so I suspect he is not ready to breed yet.

Snow Prince is the son of one of our herdsires Enchantment’s Prince Regent and he has inherited Regent’s dislike of the camera!  I have lost count of the hours we have spent trying to get a good promotional shot of Regent, especially with his ears up.  Whenever Regent sees a camera he turns his rear end to face the camera, or if he decides to stay facing the camera he pins his ears back.  As you can see from the picture of Snow Prince he has the ears back pose down pat!  As fast as I managed to get Snow Prince to put his ears up he managed to put them down again as soon as my finger pressed the button on the camera.

Snow Prince is carrying a lot of fleece, which is one of Regent’s traits that he passes on to his offspring.  Snow Prince is a little more skittish than Regent’s offspring usually are, typically Regent’s offspring are curious and friendly, Snow Prince is curious but seems to spook easily.  Part of his behavior may be from lack of handling, but I also wonder if the fiber around his eyes is preventing him from seeing properly – he may just have a little trim around the eyes before he goes to the show.  While his full fleece face is impressive, if he cannot see properly he will not behave well in the show ring and will be more likely to be spooked by things.  I remember when Regent was showing we usually had to trim around his eyes at least once during each show season.

We may have enough of Regent’s offspring at the Fort Worth Show to enable us to enter a Get of Sire Class.   The Get of Sire class comprises of three alpacas that are the offspring of the same sire.  The three alpacas are shown simultaneously and should represent their sire’s ability to transmit his progeny in a uniform and consistent manner.   The Get of Sire class is a great one to win and good publicity for any herdsire, we sure wouldn’t mind winning it!


February 7, 2008

A New Arrival

As the TxOLAN show draws closer you may find my blog entries get shorter!  There is a lot of work to be done to get prepared for the show, and just not enough hours of the day to get it all done!  It will all get done though at the end of the day, and will go well I am sure.

Yesterday we received a new arrival at the farm, one of the sons of our Enchantment’s Prince Regent.  This young male is called Enchantment’s Snow Prince and is one good looking boy.  He belongs to our friends and mentors Rick and Ann Evans of Enchantment Farms Alpacas and he will be traveling to the show with us.  Rick and Ann will be traveling themselves but not to the show grounds.  They have some property in Arkansas that they are setting up and have to be there the weekend of the show and so asked us if we would take Snow Prince to the show.

Snow Prince seems to be an easy going guy, we have put him in with the weanlings who he will be stalled with at the show and so far they are all getting along well.

Snow Prince has a beautiful head on him and lots of fleece, both traits that Regent passes on to his offspring.  I need to take some pictures of Snow Prince for our herd records before he returns to his home farm.  Fingers crossed he will be going home with at least a blue ribbon to his credit.

That’s all from me for now; the show paperwork is calling again so it’s back to the grindstone!


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