A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

April 9, 2018

Visit Alpacas on Open Farm Day!

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April 21, 2011

Don’t You Just Love Alpacas?

April Open Farm Day

Ric conducts a pasture tour during our windy April Open Farm Day

Well of course you do because after all they are adorable, but on top of that they are also adaptable.

Our last Open Farm Day was challenged by incredibly windy conditions, with sustained winds between 25 and 30 mph and gusts up to 60 mph.  All in all the conditions were really not the nicest, but we discovered that the alpacas have some pretty dedicated fans who were determined to visit the farm despite the wind and blowing dust – a big thank you to all those who braved the weather to come out to see us!

Of course windy weather is pretty much the norm in Clovis in the spring, but this spring has been particular windy and very dry.  Our natural grass that we planted in the back field has been a big help in keeping the dust down, but there is still plenty of dust and also tumbleweeds to blow around.

At one point in the day the conditions just became too poor for us to continue with the farm tours, but we didn’t want to disappoint people, especially when they had braved the weather to come and visit.  That is when the adaptability of alpacas came into play, using first Buck and then Champ for our “volunteers” we brought the alpacas into the farm store so that people could see them up close, be out of the wind and actually hear what Ric was saying as part of his presentation.  The visitors could even enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of lemonade and a cookie while they listened!

Buck Comes Into The Studio at Open Farm Day

Buck In the Studio on April Open Farm Day - He Saved People From Having to Suffer The High Winds And Dust That Day

Both Buck and Champ did well, Champ wasn’t too sure about lifting his feet to show people his soft pads and decided to cush (sit down) for a while, but apart from that the two boys behaved like stars – the beauty of alpacas!

So now with the April farm day behind us it is time to turn our thoughts to shearing.  We will be shearing this weekend and continue on shearing whenever we get the opportunity until the whole herd is done.  As warm as it is already I am pretty certain that the alpacas are more than ready for their cool summer do’s – mark your calendars for Saturday May 14 our next Open Farm Day and then you can see how different the alpacas look without their fleece – hopefully by then we will be rid of the high winds and Open Farm Day will be a pleasurable time for both humans and alpacas!


December 9, 2007

Open House Fun

Well the Open House is over and we had a great time.  With a steady flow of visitors to keep us busy we had a good day introducing people to alpacas and alpaca products.  Alpaca socks, gloves, yarns and ponchos were quick to leave the shelves and we have a waiting list for some of the products that we had ordered but which didn’t arrive in time for our event.

The alpacas were very well behaved and kept our visitors entertained.  During the first part of the day the alpacas were a little more interested in their hayracks than the visitors but as the day progressed (and the hay racks went down) the alpacas started to pay more attention to our farm guests.  The crias were as cute as ever and obligingly played with each other at various times throughout the day.  Some of the alpacas approached people for alpaca kisses and curious stares and our guard llamas Maya, Inca and Griffin kept a close eye on all who entered the pastures.

In addition to our Open House the local Tractor Supply Company store was having it’s grand opening and had invited us and Bob and Regina Dart from Llano Soleado Alpacas to take part.   Bob and Regina took two of their male alpacas to the Tractor Supply Company store and Bob and his son Nathan spent most of the day there.  Ric and I took turns in going up to the Tractor Supply Company too.  The visitors to the store were interested in learning more about alpacas and appreciated being able to see alpacas up close.

We always meet interesting people when we are showing off our alpacas and today was no exception, I love to hear people’s reactions to the alpacas and see the smiles on their faces as they realize how enchanting alpacas can be.  Alpacas appeal to people both young and old and our guests today encompassed a wide age range.

One of our visitors made a very distinct impression on us, a young man who made an instant connection with the alpacas and who I will write more about tomorrow.  Our experience with his young man is worthy of it’s own blog entry.

So our Open House was a success and we will now look forward to the next one that we are planning on holding in the spring.  Stay tuned for more details of the date of that event.


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