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January 9, 2008

The Grandkids (and Great Grandkids) Are Coming

Cariad and Copper Chai        Celeste and Skye

We heard today from our friends Donna Given and Tamara Garel of Kiss Me Alpacas in Bandera, Texas that they will be coming to visit us at the beginning of March.

We always enjoy Donna and Tamara’s visits, they of course love to talk alpaca and are just good company.  There have been several times that Donna and Tamara have driven up to help us on shearing day and they are both hard workers who don’t hesitate to jump in and help where needed.

This time when they come to visit Donna and Tamara will be bringing four of their girls for breeding Rana, Celeste, Marty and Cariad.   Cariad was one of the first offspring of our herdsire Enchantment’s Prince Regent and Donna and Tamara fell in love with her on a visit to our farm and ending up buying her.  It is hard not to fall in love with Cariad; she has one of the prettiest alpaca faces, a gorgeous fleece and is also quite the character.   Cariad is the cria whose picture features on the home page of our web site at www.windrushalpacas.com

It will be interesting to see how Cariad reacts to coming back here, Cariad’s dam Ivanna is still at the farm and I would bet that the two will recognize each other.  This time though Cariad will be coming with a cria of her own, a lovely medium brown boy called Copper Chai and of course I can’t wait to meet one of my alpaca “great grand kids”.

Celeste too will have a cria with her during her visit; Skye is the first cria out of our herdsire Windrush Moonlight’s Surprise and from his photos bears a striking resemblance to his sire.  It will be lovely to get a chance to see him in person and get to know the little guy.  His sire is an absolute sweetheart and I hope that Skye has inherited Moonies easygoing nature too.

Rana, Celeste and Marty are not strangers to the farm either.  Rana and Celeste were boarded here for over a year while Donna and Tamara set up their property, and both Rana and Celeste delivered their first crias here.  Rana is a large alpaca and one that you can guarantee will be first in line for food in the morning.   Celeste is a sweet girl who is very easy to manage and Marty is one of Celeste’s crias who is as sweet as her dam.  Marty came here with Celeste on a previous occasion and so hopefully she will feel comfortable returning.  Marty has a superfine fleece and it will be interesting to see in time what sort of a cria she produces.

We will look forward to the arrival of the “Kiss Me Girls” and start planning how we are going to spend our time enjoying Donna and Tamara’s company. 


October 31, 2007

And Speaking of Grandkids ……

Yesterday we received a phone call from Marilyn Knudsen and Roberto Ibarra of Altiplano Alpacas to let us know that their dam Moonshadow had delivered her cria from our herdsire Windrush Jennifer’s Zindel.  Moonshadow produced a beautiful light fawn male cria who apparently “glistens like gold” Marilyn describes his fleece as being curly and silky – sounds like a Zin cria.

We also heard recently from Susan and Kent Sasser of AlpacaWorks that their dam Girasol had delivered a beige male cria also from Zin.  I was surprised that the breeding of Girasol and Zin resulted in a beige cria as Girasol is a medium to dark fawn and with Zin’s fawn coloring I had hoped that breeding would produce a fawn cria.  You never can tell with alpacas what color a breeding will produce. 

So Zin now has four daughters and two sons on the ground with more cria arriving soon.  It is exciting to see the offspring of a herdsire, especially when that herdsire is one that was raised as a cria on your farm. 

When dealing with herdsires it is important to keep track of the offspring they produce.  Prospective clients often request information on the progeny of a herdsire before they purchase a breeding and the more information you have available the more helpful it is to that client when it comes to making a decision on that breeding.

We always do our best to keep track not only of the crias sired by our herdsires but also as to how those crias do as they grow up, their show record information and also information on their offspring is all valuable information to us.

We also recently heard from Troy and Mary Ogilvie of Timberlodge Alpacas that their Enchantment’s Prince Regent son Treasure of Airlie placed second in his class at the Mid-American show in Kansas.  Airlie has done well in his show career and has never placed lower than second place at any show he has attended.  He also has a reserve color champion to his credit and Troy and Mary are looking forward to being able to use Airlie as a herdsire in their own breeding program.

We jokingly refer to the offspring of our herdsires as “grandkids” and now have many alpaca “grandkids” on the ground.   We take an interest in all the “grandkids” and love to receive updates from their owners.

Just recently though we received news that we are going to be having a different sort of “grandkid” in our lives – a human one!  That’s a first for us.  Laura and Ren who were married earlier this year are now expecting their first child.  The baby is due to arrive at the end of March and will be joining an international family with uncles, aunts and grandparents in several different countries.  Before realizing that they were expecting Laura and Ren had planned on coming over to help us with shearing next spring, but it looks like that plan will be on hold.  Grandpa Ric though already has plans for baby Pienescu to be driving a tractor and shearing alpacas before he or she can walk!  I am pretty sure Laura and Ren will have something to say about that.

So congratulations to Marilyn and Roberto, Susan and Kent, Troy and Mary and most of all to our dear Laura and Ren.


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