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September 27, 2009

And Next We Welcome

Our new girl - Hagen Heights Ana Lynette

Our new girl - Hagen Heights Ana Lynette

Hagen Heights Ana Lynette!

It’s interesting how you can be searching for a black herdsire and then find yourself purchasing a beige female – hmm, how does that happen!

Well it happens when you are looking for offspring of a well know beautiful black Bolivian alpaca called Bolivian Vesuvius.  Bolivian Vesuvius was born in the US out of two parents from the Acero Marka ranch – the top alpaca ranch in Bolivia.  Over the years Bolivian Vesuvius has sired multiple award winning cria in a multitude of colors but predominantly black.

During my search for a black herdsire some of the criteria I used in my search were that I wanted the alpaca to have known, proven bloodlines but I also wanted bloodlines that were uncommon in the southwestern United States.  I wanted to bring some fresh bloodlines into the area.  In the end Alpaca Knights Challenger’s Champ, the black herdsire we purchased fulfills these criteria but the offspring of Bolivian Vesuvius would have also filled them.

As it happened I didn’t find a Bolivian Vesuvius male that I could afford, but did come across a female called Acero Marka’s Bonnie who is a sister of Bolivian Vesuvius – and Ana Lynette is Bonnie’s daughter.  Even better still Ana Lynette is out of WC Magnitude who is also a full Acero Marka Bolivian offspring  and she is bred to Silver Cloud’s Sunsplash (a true black male) and due to deliver her cria in early October.

Many alpaca breeders have overlooked the Bolivian alpacas which is a shame.   There has been less marketing of the Bolivian alpacas than say the Peruvian alpacas and yet many of the founding herd of the Acero Marka ranch are said to have come from Peru.  We already have some Bolivian alpacas in our herd, our male Tobiano is 3/4 Bolivian, his dam Theresa who we owned for several years is half Bolivian and one of our foundation dams Ivanna is half Bolivian.

It has been my experience that many of the Bolivian alpacas have outstanding fleece qualities, they tend to have very consistent and soft handling fleeces and organized crimp, they also tend to hold their fineness over the years, a quality that I really appreciate in my alpacas.   Many of the Bolivian alpacas I have seen have also been colored, making them valuable to a breeding program focusing on high quality colored fleeces.  Interestingly the offspring of my Bolivian alpacas have all sold easily.  Ana Lynette’s previous owner Theresa Reyes-Stassel of Hagen Heights Alpaca Farm told me that she thinks of Bolivian alpacas as “Peruvian’s in disguise”.  If you are familiar with Bolivian alpacas you will understand what she means, if you are not familiar with Bolivian alpaca then you might want to take a closer look at them as they really have some beautiful qualities that can easily enhance someone’s herd.

We are excited to add Ana Lynette to our herd.  As Ana Lynette was so far into her pregnancy we have left her at her home farm until after she delivers her cria, we didn’t want to travel her and risk losing her cria.  Hopefully she will be able to join us in November/December once her cria is old enough to travel.

Once Ana Lynette arrives at our farm she will be spoilt for choice for dates – should we try a Accoyo/Allianza/Bolivian cross by breeding her to our Enchantment’s Prince Regent, or perhaps stick with the Bolivian genetics and breed her to Tobiano.  Of course there are also Zindel, White Blast, Treasure and Champ to consider – so many potential choices, all of which could result in beautiful cria!


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