A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

October 7, 2012

Cold Weather And Pumpkins Arrive At The Farm

Brrr!  In typical New Mexico style we have been treated to a sudden change in weather.  From days last week with temperatures in the high eighties and early nineties, today we have dropped to a day time high of around 45 F.  Fall has finally arrived on the high plains!

The cold weather gives the alpacas (and their owners) a hearty appetite.  It also makes for frisky alpacas – young Tiki was doing vertical take off displays this evening, Snow and Betty were running full gallop with the occasional kick of their legs in the air.  With the alpacas now having at least a couple of inches of fleece growth the cool temperatures feel good to them.

Our next Open Farm Day is rapidly approaching.  Fall is a great time to stock up on alpaca products and I have been busy creating things for the store.  Some wearable and others just fun.

Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving all bring to mind pumpkins and even pumpkins can be made from alpaca!  Easy to care for, no mess involved and they will last you for years.  Needle felted alpaca pumpkins are just the thing for your fall decorations.

Needle Felted Alpaca Pumpkins

Hand made and cute as can be these mini needle felted pumpkins could be yours!

Using dyed alpaca roving (roving is fleece that has been processed to align all of the fibers in the same direction) and a needle felting technique.  I have made a selection of pumpkins to be available in the store.  From plain pumpkins to Jack-O-Lanterns, mini pumpkins to larger versions – you can choose the ones that appeal to you the most.


So come on out and join us next Saturday, October 13 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. pick the pumpkin that appeals to you the most and meet our wonderful alpacas at the same time.


October 31, 2009

Fall’s First Snow Fall


First Snow of Fall

First Snow of Fall



This was the sight we were greeted with when we did chores on Thursday morning – snow!  You may be able to tell from the picture that this was a wet snow with big, heavy snowflakes.  As fast and as furious as the snow was falling you would think that we would have had a large accumulation, but our ground was still warm and we ended up with just about an inch of the fluffy white stuff.

When I had set out for Blue’s early morning walk at 5:45 a.m. the temperature had been quite mild, but as is often the case in New Mexico within an hour everything had changed.  The wind started to roar, the temperature dropped and then the flakes started falling.

Many of the alpacas remained cushed as the snow started.  They had made a nice warm spot on the ground and didn’t want to give it up.  Theresa in particular did not want to move, heavily pregnant she felt more comfortable staying put, blinking away the snowflakes as they landed on her eyes.


Theresa Sits in The Snow

A very pregnant Theresa refuses to budge from her spot despite the snow



After feeding, the boys soon made a dash for cover and stayed under their shelters until things started to warm up.  The girls ate quickly and then headed for the hay feeders, but some of them were quite happy to stand out in the snow.  Theresa was a little shivery at feeding time, a result of her refusing to give up her spot in the pasture, but a bowl of alpaca feed and alfalfa followed by some hay and warm soaked beet shreds soon had her warmed up.

We usually have a snowfall around Halloween; this one was a little early but not too far off track.  Parts of the state got a foot or more of snow – rather them than me.  Once our Halloween snowfall has arrived we often don’t see snow again until January.

For this weekend the forecast is for temperatures in the 60’s – much better weather for Theresa to deliver her cria in.  As of Friday night it looked like she had a little udder development so maybe we will get more of a treat than a trick this Halloween!



November 1, 2007

Clowning Around At Halloween

Jennifer, Cinnamon and BlastWe had a visit yesterday from Jennifer Stewart who works for our local paper the Clovis News Journal.  Jennifer is working with us to create a set of ads for the CNJ Online, the website for the Clovis News Journal.

Apparently the Clovis News Journal staff had decided to get into the Halloween spirit and many of them had come to work in costume, and Jennifer had come to work dressed as a clown. 

Jennifer had warned me that she would be wearing a clown suit when she made her appointment with me the day before and I had suggested to her that we let the alpacas check her out and see what they felt about clowns.

It turns out that Jennifer used to work as a professional clown and so not only was wearing a clown suit but also had put on her clown makeup.  I am not sure I would have the courage to walk around dressed as a clown all day, but Jennifer had no problem with it at all and seemed quite at home in her regalia, although she did forget about her clown make up a couple of times resulting in it getting on her hands.

So having discussed the latest ads that Jennifer and the team at the CNJ had come up with it was off to the pastures to see what alpacas think about clowns.  It was another windy day here so Jennifer had to hold onto her clown wig to stop it from flying off into the sky.  You would think that the alpacas would react to a person entering their pasture wearing brightly colored funny clothes that were flapping in the breeze, a yellow wig and clown make up but they just gave a sideways glance and got back to the serious alpaca business of eating hay.  Even the guard llamas did not come over to check out Jennifer, they have met her before but she looked a lot different today than her previous visit (honestly she really does not dress like this every day!).  Maybe the llamas thought that anyone dressed like Jennifer was today could not possibly be a threat to the safety of the herd, which is pretty odd when you consider that they will chase down and stomp a little salamander crossing the pasture.

Can I eat that wig?     Zeus and Jennifer      

The crias were the ones mainly interested in Jennifer’s attire, in particular Blast who gave her a thorough inspection.  Cinnamon too was quite interested, while Stars and Shiimsa started to get close and then decided that the yellow wig was much too strange and backed off pretty quickly.  Still we managed to get some good pictures and now know that to our alpacas and llamas clowns are quite acceptable and non-threatening. 

Thank you Jennifer for being such a good sport, and for those of you reading the blog check out the CNJ Online every now and then and see if you can catch our ads as they rotate through the site.


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