A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

July 2, 2009

A Special Little Girl Arrives


Here's Moonbeam!

Here's Moonbeam!

After our recent run of boy crias we were starting to wonder if we would have any girl crias this cria season.  On Tuesday June 23, Ivanna answered that question for us when she delivered a beautiful white female cria – finally a girl!

Ivanna’s little girl has bright shiny white fleece with lots of little bundles and she looks to have good fiber coverage all the way to her toes.

We didn’t get to see Ivanna’s cria being born as she was already delivered and sitting sternal when we went to check on the girls first thing in the morning.  I think our girls are being extra smart this year delivering their babies early in the day before the heat hits us.  With temperatures in the high 90’s to 100’s the days have been hot and now we have had some rain there is some humidity added in to the mix creating a higher heat index.  Usually our girls are pretty predictable in delivering their crias between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., but this year we have now had two of the girls deliver early in the morning when the air is still cool.

Ivanna’s little cria was none the worse for her unsupervised delivery, she was quick to get up on her feet and she was hungry!  We put Ivanna and her cria in a pen in the shade to allow them time to bond and then continued with our chores.

I like to think that all of our crias are special, but this little female cria is extra special.  Not just because she is our only female cria this year, but also because she is the last cria from our herdsire Moonie who passed away in April.  Moonie only has four offspring, three of which are males (including our Little Man), so our little girl will be the only female Moonie offspring and I suspect she will not be going far from our farm.

It wasn’t hard to name our new little girl, I wanted to include something in her name that would reference Moonie and with her bright white fleece a name immediately sprung to mind.  So say hello to Windrush Moonbeam our extra special little girl.


September 7, 2008

Ivanna Gets a Gift

Ivanna, the recipient of a kind gift from a farm visitor

Ivanna, the recipient of a kind gift from a farm visitor


 Our Open Farm Day went well, we had good attendance and as usual enjoyed meeting our visitors.  For some it was their first visit to our farm, for others it was their first time seeing an alpaca up close and others have been to visit us before and wanted to come and visit us again.


The weather was reasonable until later in the afternoon, but fortunately we had the air conditioned studio where people could cool down and enjoy some cold lemonade and cookies.


We had a lot of children visit us this time with their families and it was wonderful to see their fascination with the alpacas.  We were impressed with how many of the children remembered the things we talked about during the course of the visit, a good indication that they were interested in alpacas and had been listening to what we said.


Regent and Asteroid behaved well when we used them to demonstrate the various traits of alpacas and what traits are common in the camelid group.  The boys did get a little restless after a while but as we were discussing them while standing in front of the girls pasture that was hardly surprising.


For Mags and Song, the two orphaned crias, the visitors were a little too much excitement and Mags started to revert to some of his inappropriate behavior.  We didn’t feel it was fair on Mags to challenge him with dealing with so many visitors and so put him in a pen with Song away from the visitors.  He soon settled down to a relaxing day eating hay away from all of the activity.


One group of visitors experienced the fun of giving the alpacas a “shower”.  The girls all came running once they realized the hose was turned on and then there was the usual jostling to see who could get closest to the hose and hog the water.  Ma Cushla, our gray alpaca did her usual trick of drinking from the hose and TeQueely’s cria Pride decided that the standing water on the ground was much tastier than the water in the various buckets and waterers in the pasture.  Apparently hose water and dirty water is much more appealing than clean fresh water!


We were also fortunate to experience the kindness of our visitors when Joy, Matthew, Barbara, Gemma and Aubrey from Lubbock, Texas showed up with a gift for our alpaca Ivanna – some sterile water!  The family had read on the blog about Ivanna’s allergies affecting her eyes and our not being able to find any sterile water in Clovis and so brought Ivanna some sterile water.  What a wonderful gesture, their kindness truly touched us, and we are sure Ivanna will appreciate their gesture too as the sterile water soothes her irritated eyes.  Thank you all!


So now we look forward to our next Open Farm Day, which is scheduled for September 27 as part of National Alpaca Farm Days.  If you happen to be in the area at that time come over and join us, we would love to meet you.



June 28, 2008

And Finally…….

Zianna    Zianna Close Up

Our last cria to be introduced is Windrush Zianna, born on June 4th to our dam Ivanna and our herdsire Zin.  Zin has had a good season on our farm having sired Atlas, Rebecca’s cria, Pride, Anacia and Zianna. While Tobiano gave us his cria contribution in the form of Dream, Serenity and Stormy.


Zianna’s arrival coincided with the passing of our little cria Legs (see post June 6th, Witnessing Life’s Circle) and she was a reminder of the brighter side of life.  A beautiful light fawn color with almost an apricot tinge to it, liquid brown eyes and the thickest of eyelashes Zianna is quite a character.  She loves to check out what you are doing and is quite a vocal cria, a trait that comes from her dam Ivanna.


Ivanna handled Zianna’s birth with ease; she is an experienced dam and a great milk producer.  She prefers to have people keep their distance a little while she is birthing, but interestingly she allowed one of her previous crias, Cariad (who is here for breeding) to be with her as she delivered Zianna.  I did eventually remove Cariad from the immediate area where Ivanna was as Cariad was being very curious about the half delivered cria and was starting to get in the way.  Ivanna delivered Zianna in her favorite place, right in front of the fan in the small shelter and I used some portable panels to prevent the other alpacas from intruding into the area as she finished delivering.  Cariad was still able to see her dam and was very curious about her new sister once she was delivered.


Zianna was the cria that Theresa decided to “steal” a few days after she was born during Theresa’s hormonal confusion!  Zianna seemed quite happy to be with Theresa and would try and nurse off Theresa when Theresa encouraged her too, but Theresa did not have milk and so eventually Zianna would return to Ivanna for nursing, much to Theresa’s dismay.  We eventually had to separate Theresa and Zianna, as we really did not want Zianna bonding to the wrong dam.


Zianna is already over 30 lbs, testimony to Ivanna’s good milk production record, and is one of the first to greet you when you go out in the pasture.


Of course Zianna was not the last to be born, Pride was born on June 9 and Desert Sandstorm (or Stormy as we call him) was born on June 13, but in all of the chaos at the time of Zianna’s birth I did not get a chance to introduce her.


We now have one cria left to be delivered this summer, our maiden dam Cinnamon is due in July and we are looking forward to seeing what she produces.  We see her cria kicking frequently and day by day Cinnamon gets a little larger but is not huge.  So are we going to get a little female cria or a little male cria, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!



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