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August 17, 2008

A Little Lighthearted Lunacy

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A Full Moon and A Colorful Sky

A Full Moon and A Colorful Sky


Saturday evening we were treated to a full moon.  The moon always hangs over the girls pasture and with our wide open spaces and lack of street lighting we are lucky to be able to enjoy natural moonlight at the time of a full moon.  The picture for this post was taken one evening during the middle of last week, when the sunlight reflected over to the clouds and created a beautiful colorful sky. 


The full moon does have its effect on things; last week was one where we heard of all sorts of odd happenings.  The full moon also seems to have an effect on the alpacas, who become frisky and almost silly in their behavior when there is a full moon building.


Ric had been out on Thursday evening and when he came into the house he asked if I was aware of what was going on outside.  I asked what he was referring too and he told me to go outside to see.


In the moonlight I could see the crias bouncing round, chasing it each other and having their usual evening fun time, nothing unusual there.  Then Ric told what he had been referring too; when he had arrived home he had stopped to watch the crias playing.  As he watched the crias would rush over to the gate that adjoins the weanling pen and at the same time the weanlings would rush over to the gate too.  The two groups would screech to a halt at their respective sides of the gate and then take off running back to the opposite sides of their pastures.  Once at the other side of the pasture the charge to the gate would take place again followed by the dash back across the pasture.  The two groups were just having some fun; you might even say they were enjoying a little lunacy.


By the time I had got outside the “charge the gate” game had finished, but as we continued to watch the alpacas the two groups started to prong around their pastures, in a show of their enjoyment of the evening air and light.  It was fun to watch them prong, that lovely, bouncy gait that alpacas exhibit when they are feeling really good and lively.  Two groups of alpacas, one consisting of the crias, the other of the weanlings bouncing around their pastures, heads up, ears alert and tails arched, showing the world that for them all was well.  A little lunacy perhaps, but a lot of lovely life if you ask me!



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