A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

June 10, 2009

Why Are We Waiting, Why Are We Waiting!

Queen and her ever growing bump

Queen and her ever growing bump

I think that is the song our overdue pregnant females must be singing.  The girls are more than ready to have their crias but the crias just aren’t coming yet.

Queen (pictured here) is huge.  You can see to the right of the picture how one of the crias limbs is poking out from her side.  It is amazing to me that the cria still has room to move, but move it does.  Last night after evening chores we could see the cria moving just under the base of Queen’s tail, we see this movement often in late term pregnancy alpacas but in Queen it was particularly pronounced.  I am just amazed that the cria does not just fall out as close as it is to Queen’s tail.  Queen doesn’t seem perturbed by her crias movement, far from it; she spends most of her day eating (while I spend my time watching her thinking that the more she eats the bigger that cria will be – ouch!).

Rosie too is quite large and obviously ready to be relieved of carrying her cria.  Rosie spends most of her time cushed in the shade or stretched out in the warmth of the sun and does not move around too much during the day.

Shiimsa has a nice sized bump and spends her day waddling and mooching around.  She often has her ears back these days and I think her cria’s activity dictates how Shiimsa’s ears will be positioned at any given time.

Chai, Ivanna, TeQueely and Willow have not reached their due dates yet, but we can see that their crias too are growing by leaps and bounds.  If Queen, Rosie and Shiimsa are anything to go by then Chai, Ivanna, TeQueely and Willow will all go past their due dates before delivering their crias and they too will be singing “why are we waiting” although of course alpacas can’t really sing, they can only hum!


June 4, 2008

Introducing Windrush Atlas

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Atlas in a more relaxed pose

 Our first cria of the Spring was born to our black female ABA Queen of Spades and our Color Champion Herdsire Windrush Jennifer’s Zindel. 


We had bred Queen and Zin the previous breeding season and that breeding resulted in a beautiful dark fawn female cria with golden vicuna markings who we named Windrush Zindel’s Velvet Princess.  Velvet has the most beautiful consistent fleece with a velvet like handle, hence her name.  We were so pleased with the pairing of Queen and Zin that we repeated the breeding hoping we would get another cria with the same qualities as Velvet – and we did.


On May 13 while we were in Muleshoe, Texas helping to shear some alpacas, dear Queen decided it was the ideal opportunity to have her cria in peace!  Queen is a very independent girl and so it did not surprise me that she would wait until we left the farm to have her cria.  Fortunately we had arranged for Bob Dart from Llano Soleado Alpacas to check on the girls and when he did there was Queen with her brand new cria, a solid medium brown boy who we have now named Atlas.


Atlas is a robust cria and has the most striking presence.  The meaning of the name Atlas comes from Greek mythology where Atlas was a Titan and brother to Prometheus who held heaven and earth on his shoulders as a punishment from Zeus for leading the Titans in a revolt against the gods.  We wanted a strong name for Atlas and we already have a Zeus from last year’s cria crop so we felt Atlas was an appropriate name.


Even at three weeks of age Atlas  stands proud in the pasture just begging for people to admire his beautiful stance.  Atlas is the leader of the cria games at night and just these last few days has decided that being a herdsire is definitely in his future.  He now chases the female alpacas around the pasture and even mounted one of the new female crias and started orgling at her, Atlas is certain that breeding female alpacas is in his future.


Atlas does have the same velvet like handle to his fleece as his sister Velvet.  His fleece also has some nice tiny bundles and lots of brightness to it.  So before Atlas starts to breed he will be holding court in the show ring, standing proud and demanding blue ribbons!




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