A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

November 8, 2009

Well Done Champ!


Alpaca Knights Challenger's Champ

Alpaca Knights Challenger's Champ - a blue ribbon winner


A few weeks ago we acquired a new male for our herdsire row.  Alpaca Knights Challenger’s Champ is our latest addition and is a beautiful true black junior herdsire.

We purchased Champ from Carol Knight of Alpaca Knights in Kentucky.  As Champ was the last male at Carol’s farm she suggested that she take him to her friend’s alpaca farm so that Champ would have some company until we could arrange transportation for Champ to New Mexico.  The farm that Champ went to was Providence Alpaca Farm the farm of Roni and Brad Perkins.  Not only is Roni a friend of Carol she also co-owns Champ’s sire Legend’s Challenger of KPR.

About 10 days ago Carol emailed me to say that Roni was very impressed with Champ and wanted to know if we would like her to take Champ to the OABA Alpacafest Show on our behalf.  Roni had already registered for the show and had stall space for Champ.  Well we couldn’t turn down that opportunity and so we gave Roni the go ahead to register Champ for the show.  A few faxes later everything was settled and Champ was entered in the show.

Having someone else show your alpacas for you can really be a treat.  While Ric and I were having breakfast on Saturday morning we were blissfully unaware that our Champ was in the show ring.  The first we knew about what was going on at the OABA Alpacafest was when we got a phone call from a very excited Roni to tell us that our Champ had taken first place in his class under AOBA Senior Judge Jude Anderson.   How exciting!

What a great start to our ownership of Champ, and how thoughtful of Carol and Roni to suggest that we enter Champ in the OABA Alpacafest.

Champ is scheduled to be transported to us in a couple of week’s time and you can bet we are excited to meet our new blue ribbon winner.  If you are an alpaca breeder you will want to keep an eye on this young male, I get the feeling his career as a herdsire is going to be a great one!




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