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October 29, 2009

Alpaca For iPod owners?

While in England I came across a short magazine article that mentioned that Apple has issued a warning that some people listening via iPod, iPhone or Mac Computer have received small electrical shocks through their ear buds – ouch!  People using the devices in areas where the air is very dry (such as ours in New Mexico) sometimes build up static electricity and receive a discharge of this static through their ear buds.

To be fair I am sure that the problem is not confined to users of Apple products, but rather is a possibility for anyone using a device of any make with ear buds, but Apple has taken the initiative to the address the problem and has listed on their web site some steps people can take to reduce the problem.  Amongst the steps listed is:

Try wearing different clothes. Try clothes with natural fibers since synthetic fibers are more likely to hold a static charge.”

Whoopee – commercial giant Apple is suggesting the use of natural fibers.

Of course when I read the words natural fibers I think of alpaca.  It would be great to think that we could convert all iPod, iPhone or Mac computer users to wearing alpaca – even better still to hope that we could get all people who use ear buds to wear alpaca.  I am sure the other natural fiber producers would also want a look in at the new market of opportunity, but there should be enough people to share among us.

Natural fibers are a much better option for reducing static in your clothes.  Natural fibers are not entirely static free, but do offer a more static free experience.  Natural fibers tend also to be better for your skin as they allow your skin to breathe and often wick any moisture away from the skin too.  Remember though that garments often have some nylon or elastic blended in with them and to guarantee the best chance of being static free everything you wear would need to be made of natural fiber.  Still the wearing of natural fibers such as alpaca generally makes for a more comfortable experience.

So thank you Apple for encouraging the use of natural fibers – and for all of you out there starting to think of Christmas shopping think alpaca when it comes to a gift for the ear bud users in your life!

*Note – I don’t own an iPod (sorry Apple) but do own an MP3 player and to date I have never experienced a static shock through my ear buds, but of course I wear alpaca!



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