A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

June 10, 2019

Learn to Spin Using a Drop Spindle

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Drop Spindle class

Have you always wanted to learn how to spin?

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to ease into spinning without the expense of a wheel?

Do you have a spinning wheel but struggle with drafting your roving?

Then this class is for you!

On June 15 at 10 am Windrush Alpacas is hosting a class so you can learn how to use a drop spindle to make your own yarn.

Shannon McKerlie will be your instructor and will guide you through the steps to get you spinning. A drop spindle is small, but you will be amazed at what you can spin on one.

Shannon spins beautiful yarns on her drop spindle and is a clear and patient instructor.

During the class, you will be able to see the beautiful Windrush alpacas who will be providing your roving.

Tickets are $15 and include instruction, 2 ounces of alpaca roving to spin, and a drop spindle to take home. Class is expected to last for approximately one hour.

Purchase tickets at https://tinyurl.com/yxuqkslc

Windrush Alpacas is located at 770 Curry Road M, Clovis, NM 88101  (1 1/4 miles south of Brady on CRM)

For more information, email Shannon at smckerlie@gmail.com. We’ll see you there!

June 3, 2019

Don’t Miss the Last Open Farm Day!

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June 8 Open Farm Day at Windrush Alpacas

May 13, 2019

Flower Full Moon Alpaca Yoga

Pink Full Moon Yoga at Windrush Alpacas


You asked for it and we listened! Windrush Alpacas is hosting an evening of moonlight, peace, calm, yoga, fun and alpacas!

*Check in Time: 7 pm

*Yoga session will start around 7:30 pm and will last approximately one hour.
*Registration Fee is $10 per person. At least $5 of the registration fee will go to our chosen special cause – A  new prosthetic leg for Thursday the alpaca. (Please see details below)
*Light refreshments will be provided after the event
*Farm store will be open after the event
*This is an adult event and we request no children, please
*Please remember we do not have a public restroom at the farm

Terri Golder will lead us through a gentle yoga class among the alpacas by the light of the Flower Full Moon (clouds permitting!). We ask that people arrive at 7 p.m. so that we can get everyone situated for a 7:30 p.m. start. The class will be approximately one hour in duration.

It will be dark when you leave the farm, so it is suggested that you bring a flashlight to help you cross the alpaca pen. You will be walking through the alpaca pens to get to the area where the yoga will take place so make sure you wear suitable shoes. You may also want to bring a towel to go under your yoga mat.

If you do not own a yoga mat email us at windrush@plateautel.net or message us through our Facebook page and we will see if we can find you a mat to borrow for the evening.


Click here for more information and to reserve your spot.
This event is to raise funds for a very special cause.


Thursday’s Story:


Thursday is a remarkable Suri Alpaca who belongs to my friend Kathleen Callen of Zena Suri Alpacas, Grove, Oklahoma. In November 2018 Thursday had an accident while getting out of Kathleen’s trailer and badly injured both of his front legs. Unfortunately, Thursday ended up having one leg amputated but it was hoped that the other leg would fully recover. 

Kathleen managed to purchase Thursday a custom-made prosthetic leg using funds she had saved for another project and Thursday has done well with his prosthetic leg. Sadly, Thursday’s remaining front leg would not heal, and it recently had to be amputated. While Thursday is managing to get around, he has to twist his spine to do so, this is uncomfortable for him and over time this will not be good for Thursday. 

Thursday badly needs another custom prosthetic leg to help him walk properly and Kathleen needs help raising funds to purchase the leg. Thursday is a sweet but very determined alpaca, who loves massages and flirting with girl alpacas! It is Kathleen’s hope that once Thursday is fully recovered he can become a therapy alpaca to help others who also have encountered difficulties in their lives.

You can follow Thursday’s progress at Zena Suri Alpacas Facebook page.


Windrush Alpacas farm is located us 1-1/4 miles south of Brady on CRM.

Watch our Facebook page for updates http://www.facebook.com/WindrushAlpacas.

For more information, call us at 575-683-5177 or visit our website at www.windrushalpacas.com, shop online at http://www.windrushalpacas.net/store/ , or sign up for our newsletter at http://eepurl.com/xhiwn! Learn more about our Adopt-a-Program here http://www.windrushalpacas.com/pages/2087/adopt-a-paca

May 6, 2019

Surprise Mom with a Visit to Windrush Alpacas

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05.19 Flyer FINAL

May 1, 2019

Behind the Scenes at Open Farm Day – Part Two


How We Make Open Farm Day Happen

Last month I wrote a little about how Open Farm Day started and the purpose behind Open Farm Day. This month I will let you know how we make that happen.

Our preparations for Open Farm Day start immediately after the last Open Farm Day finishes. When the last party has left for the day, we pick up the signs, roll up the banner, close down the store and go in and have a well-earned lunch!

We usually have our faithful volunteers with us (more about them later!). As we eat lunch we talk about the day and discuss ideas such as items for the store or things we need to do to make Open Farm Day even better.

Lunch is usually something that can survive several hours in a slow cooker, as often it is well past 3 pm by the time we get to sit down and eat. Once lunch is over, we then have to feed all the animals on the farm. While the female alpacas have usually had lots of tasty treats from visitors during Open Farm Day the rest of the animals on the farm are awaiting their evening feed.

The next few days after Open Farm Day are spent ordering inventory for the store. Some of the products we carry in the store can be ordered quickly but other products take quite a time to restock. Dryer balls have to be made – a process that involves putting together the fleece to be used, lightly needle felting them to shape, decorating them with color and then putting them through a process to felt them and dry them.

The goats milk soap for our alpaca felt covered soaps takes three weeks to dry once it has been made. I order the soaps from my soap making friend Rena in order to get it here in time. Then I apply the felt cover using a wet felting process and get the soaps to dry once more.

Our beautiful alpaca rugs are made in a small town in Texas. To get the rugs made we first decide how much of each color of fleece we want to send. Then we go through that fleece to remove as much dust and vegetable matter as we can (a process called skirting). Next we ship the fleece to Texas and then wait for the rugs to be made.

The mill works fleece on a first come first served basis and it can take two to three months before our rugs are ready to come back to us. Products made through the various fleece cooperatives we work with are often easier to access, but they too are subject to where our fleece is in the “fleece pipeline”. The boutique yarns that are made solely from our fleece typically take 6 -8 weeks to process.

So, you see it can be quite a juggling act to keep products stocked in the store!

Once products arrive at the farm, they are entered in to inventory, labeled and then put on display. Excess products are stored so we can find them quickly should a product need replenishing during a busy Open Farm Day

While all of this is happening, we also have to come up with the advertising for the next Open Farm Day. For this I have the assistance of my wonderful Virtual Assistant Diane Sweeney. Diane has been working with me for 5 years and is a vital part of the Windrush Alpacas team. Diane comes up with the ad copy for advertising for Open Farm Day, submits the ads to a long and growing list of resources who help us advertise our Open Farm Days, and keeps me on track for getting the newsletter written so that we can stay in touch with our customers and fans.

There is a lot to do to prepare for each Open Farm Day, but thankfully over the years we have streamlined the process. Because in addition to preparing for Open Farm Day, we still have to keep the farm running, schedule and run farm visits and do all of the mundane paperwork that comes with running a business!

But I so enjoy what I do! Especially for our visitors!


Next up: Open Farm Day – The final preparations

April 18, 2019

Join Us Friday for Pink Full Moon Yoga

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04.19.19 Full Moon Yoga Flyer

April 3, 2019

Behind the Scenes at Open Farm Day – Part One

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Shortly after we moved to the farm in 2000, we opened our gates to invite people in for our Open Farm Day at Windrush Alpacas. Since then, Open Farm Day had been enjoyed by many visitors. It has also been through a bit of an evolution.

I thought people might enjoy learning about that evolution and what it takes to put on our monthly event.

When we first started Open Farm Day, our purpose was to let people know Windrush Alpacas existed and to help educate people about alpacas.

In 2000 alpacas were not as well-known as they are now, and many people were confused as to what exactly we were raising. We often got asked about our llamas. Or our emus! We even had someone call us about a wandering emu to tell us that one of our animals had got out.  (We did try to capture the emu but when it charged us, we decided to let it be!).

So, we decided it would be a good idea to invite the public to the farm so people could meet the alpacas and us, and to learn about what we were doing.

At the time both Ric and I were working full-time jobs off the farm. We decided to hold an Open Farm Day once a quarter would work with our schedules. Our first Open Farm Day was in 2003 and had about six attendees. A big difference from the 100 – 200 attendees we often have at our current Open Farm Days!

As time progressed interest in the farm grew.  Additionally, I decided that in order to make our alpaca business succeed it would be best if I left my full-time job and focused my time and energy on the farm.  That was a bit of a scary leap to take as it meant our income was dramatically reduced, but I felt it was worth the risk.

With more time to focus on the farm, it became apparent to me that it would be more appealing to people to have greater access to the farm on a regular basis. So we decided that Open Farm Day would become a regular event and our current monthly Open Farm Day format was born.

For sixteen years we have consistently held Open Farm Day on the 2nd Saturday of the month – except for July and August when it is just too hot.

It has taken a lot of time and effort to get the word out about Open Farm Day.  Print ads in the local paper, entries on local business calendars, mentions on the radio, flyers in local businesses, word of mouth from visitors, family, and friends. As the popularity of the Internet and Social Media rose those resources were very helpful in spreading the word.

It’s hard to believe that we have hosted nearly 160 Open Farm Day events! It certainly doesn’t seem that long. Our reward each month is seeing the faces filled with happiness and joy as our visitors interact with our alpacas.

Next month – How we make Open Farm Day happen!


April 1, 2019

See the Alpacas in Full Fleece at Windrush Alpacas Open Farm Day

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April is a fun month to visit Windrush Alpacas because our alpacas are strutting their finest coats – right before shearing time!

Join us at Open Farm Day on April 13 where you will learn about alpacas, what it takes to raise them and tour our farm. We are open from 10 am to 3 pm.

Alpacas are friendly, curious animals and they love when we have visitors. Each of them has a unique personality. Come get to know them and choose your favorite! You can even sponsor one of our alpacas through our Adopt-A-Paca program. We’ll tell you how the program works when you visit. Windrush Alpacas is also home to two llamas, a cow, dogs, cats, chickens, and guineas! You may get a peek at one of them during your time at the Farm.

Our Farm Store will be open for you to enjoy refreshments and browse the alpaca products we have for sale. You might find a new pair of soft, alpaca socks or a bright new scarf perfect for Spring. Many of the items we have make perfect Easter basket stuffers!

Open Farm Day is a family friendly event. Invite friends to come along to enjoy the outdoors, our farm, and being with the animals! Have your phone charged and ready to take pictures. Our alpacas are hams and love to pose with our guests.

We have ample free parking, it’s free admission for everyone, and we even offer refreshments to our visitors. Windrush Alpacas farm is located us 1-1/4 miles south of Brady on CRM. Watch our Facebook page for updates http://www.facebook.com/WindrushAlpacas.


For more information, call us at 575-683-5177 or visit our website at www.windrushalpacas.com, shop online at http://www.windrushalpacas.net/store/ , or sign up for our newsletter at http://eepurl.com/xhiwn! Learn more about our Adopt-a-Program here http://www.windrushalpacas.com/pages/2087/adopt-a-paca

January 7, 2019

The First Open Farm Day in 2019

January 2019 Open Farm Day Flyer

December 31, 2018

Start Your New Year with A Visit to Windrush Alpacas

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Open Farm Day a Windrush Alpacas

The start of the new year brings new resolutions! Let visiting with our alpacas on Open Farm Day be one of your new routines in 2019! Our first Open Farm Day, Saturday, January 12, 10 am to 3 pm.

Spending time with the alpacas will bring a smile to your face. Their gentle demeanor, soft fleece and eagerness to eat grain from your hand will wash away the winter doldrums. Take a tour of the farm to learn why we chose to raise alpacas, how we care for them, and what we do with their fleece in the spring. Our alpacas each have a name and very different personalities. A visit to the farm is a unique experience.

While here, stop in our Farm Store. We sell toasty, warm alpaca products. Warmer than wool and softer than cashmere, we have luxuriously soft alpaca scarves, gloves, mittens, and hats… and everyone’s favorite, socks, and slippers.

Admission is free, and refreshments will be served at the Farm Store. If it’s a little too cold, we’ll bring one of the alpacas inside too for you to visit with and feed.

Start your new year in a new way.  And if you’ve been here before, come again! There is always something interesting to learn and see at Windrush Alpacas. Stop by anytime on Saturday, January 12 between 10 am and 3 pm!  Be ready for plenty of picture taking too!


Windrush Alpacas farm is located just 1-1/4 miles south of Brady on CRM. Watch our Facebook page for updates http://www.facebook.com/WindrushAlpacas.

For more information, call us at 575-683-5177 or visit our website at www.windrushalpacas.com, shop online at http://www.windrushalpacas.net/store/ , or sign up for our newsletter at http://eepurl.com/xhiwn! Learn more about our Adopt-a-Program here http://www.windrushalpacas.com/pages/2087/adopt-a-paca.


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