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July 6, 2008

I’m Young, I’m Handsome and I’m Ready!

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It’s always fun to watch crias grow up, especially when they are crias of alpacas that you have raised from being a cria.  You get to see their personalities and traits develop and often see similarities between them and their sire or dam at that age.


Our herdsire Windrush Jennifer’s Zindel is very special to us.  He was the last cria delivered to our first alpaca Jenny, who sadly died of an illness a short while later.  We knew Jenny was very ill before Zin was delivered and were amazed by her strength and her determination to carry her ctia to term.  So Zin was already special to us when he was born, and as he grew we realized that he truly was a special alpaca as he went on to win blue ribbons and color championships at shows.


Zin apparently knew his future involved providing herdsire services as from about three weeks of age he started to pester the girls.  Of course the adult girls were not going to take any nonsense from a three week old cria an consequently Zin encountered a lot of spit from the girls, but it didn’t put him off and today he is gainfully employed as a breeding male at our farm.


Zin now has several cria on the ground, one of which is the cria from our dam TeQueely.  TeQueely and Zin’s cria is called Pride (not his full name but that’s what we call him).  Pride is definitely a leader, initiating cria games, chasing around the pasture and seeking the attention of the other crias.  Just like his sire he too started to pester the adult girls when he was just a few weeks old, and the spit he often receives from them does nothing to cool his ardor.  Pride it seems is determined to follow in his sire’s footsteps.


So on Friday we should not have been completely surprised by the sight we saw outside one of the breeding pens.   We had Treasure breeding Rosie, and as Treasure orgled and the breeding went on, one of our boarders, Zoie, wandered over to the breeding pen and cushed outside, indicating she is ready to be bred. 


The next thing we saw was little Pride headed in Zoie’s direction, instinct told him that there was an open girl in the pasture who was cushed and ready to be bred, and to little Pride there was no question that he was the man for the job.  Well I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of Pride’s efforts, here’s one of them.



Pride Tries His Hand At Breeding

Pride Tries His Hand At Breeding


Zoie did not seem at all bothered that her “date” was a little young, and Pride kept trying to do his best with Zoie until he eventually became tired and had to take a break.  


Young, handsome and in his mind ready to breed.  Pride is setting himself up for a career just like his sire’s! 


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