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July 27, 2007

Getting Voices Heard

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Ric left yesterday to travel to Nashville, Tennessee to attend a meeting of the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA) Affiliate Congress.

The Affiliate Congress was developed in the past year in an effort to improve communication between the AOBA Board of Directors and the membership of AOBA.  Long gone are the days when AOBA had just a few hundred members and communication between the BOD and membership was effortless.  Now with several thousand members in AOBA it is a little bit more difficult for the membership to get their voices heard, but as AOBA is their organization it is important that they do so.

As there are many regional affiliates to AOBA it was decided that the affiliates could best provide the link between AOBA and the membership and so the Affiliate Congress is composed of the current Affiliate Presidents or their designated representative.  As Ric is currently the President of the TxOLAN Alpaca Affiliate it is his duty to attend the Affiliate Congress meeting.

The strategy of the Affiliate Congress is to identify issues and opportunities within the membership that need to be addressed and to then jointly develop solutions within the Affiliate Congress which the AOBA board can review and implement as appropriate.

Ric’s journey to Nashville was slightly delayed by weather and runway problems in Dallas/Fort Worth but he made it to Nashville safely and is now checked in to his hotel.  It will be interesting to hear all that he learns from this weekend, and hopefully the Affiliate Congress can continue with their vision to create an organization where their members enjoy effective communication between themselves and the AOBA board and are delighted with the work of both the affiliate congress and the AOBA board.  I am sure Ric will learn a lot and it will also be a great chance for him to visit with other Affiliate Presidents and get to know them better.

I have a quiet weekend planned and am hoping to be able to get caught up on entering my herd records into the computer and other office tasks.  We don’t have any crias due or any alpacas to breed so chores will be routine – well that’s what I think and I am just hoping the alpacas agree with me!


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