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August 19, 2007

From Fleece To Floor!

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Our Woven Alpaca Rug

Before I left for England we had shipped some alpaca fiber to be processed into rugs.  We had hoped to get the rugs completed before we left for England, as we wanted to give one of the rugs to Laura and Ren as a wedding gift.  Unfortunately the rugs were not completed in time for us to take one with us, but with hindsight that was probably a good thing as there was a luggage embargo when we traveled and we were restricted more than normal in the amount of luggage we could take.

The rugs arrived here a couple of weeks ago and we were thrilled with the result.  From approximately 20 lbs. of fiber we ended up with six rugs three 2’ x 3’ and three 3’ x 5’.  Upon opening the rugs I immediately laid claim to one of the 2’ x 3’ (it’s the one in the picture at the top of this entry).  That particular rug just caught my attention and fits well with our décor.  I have learned from past experience that when we have products made with our own fleece if I want to keep anything I had better do it when I first open the shipment or it is sold before I know it!

Ric and I selected one of the 3’ x 5’ rugs for Laura and Ren and shipped it off to England, the shipping costs were not as bad as we expected and the rug has now made it safely to England and is in Laura and Ren’s bedroom. 

Laura emailed us the following The rug is lovely! Thank you so much! It’s so heavy! I had no idea what it would be when I collected it from the post office. Its now in our bedroom, keeps my toes warm while I do my hair and makeup! Standing on a bit of Ma Cushla!”  (Note:  Ma Cushla is our gray alpaca and her gray fleece looks so pretty in the rugs)

So with four rugs left we set to think about how to market them.  Hardwood and tile floors are so popular in houses these days I felt sure if we could make a connection with an interior designer in town that that we would be on the right track to selling the rugs.

As often happens, while scooping poop one day a thought popped into my head.  I had dealt with a local art dealer several years ago, who carries some beautiful paintings and sculptures in her store, has a good clientele and who is very supportive of local artists  – hmm, maybe I could persuade her to put one in her showroom and either sell it on commission or refer interested buyers to us.  So last week Ric and I drove to the showroom to show off our rugs and see what we could negotiate.  Well the art dealer fell in love with the rugs on the spot; she told us that she knew they would appeal to her clients and that they would sell, especially as they had a local connection.  She was so taken with the rugs that she took all of them and asked us to get more!

We already have a batch of fleece en route to the weavers to be processed into mats and now will get busy selecting some more fleece to send to be processed into rugs.  We are thrilled that the rugs have made such a good initial impression and look forward to selling many more!


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