A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

December 16, 2007

And Now a Good Snow

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Snow Day Boys

Yesterday morning we awoke to a couple of inches of pristine white snow.  When I did my usual check out of the windows I could see most of the alpacas were in their shelters huddled together with just a few adventurous souls taking a walk around the pasture.

The snow had been forecast, but the forecasted amount varied quite a lot depending on which weather source we listened to. Prior to the snow there had been a downpour of rain and so underneath our snow is a pretty good layer of ice. 

The good thing about working from home is that when it snows you don’t have to worry about the drive to work, just put on your boots, step outside and there you are.  The snow does make chores a little harder and slower but with only a couple of inches of snow it really was not that bad.

As the sun came out so did the alpacas, little Kanika took off at a gallop enjoying the feeling of the snow flying up on her legs as she ran and she was a little disappointed that no one would join in with her playing.  The other alpacas though were more interested in when their morning feed would arrive and were waiting anxiously by the pasture gates.

Following chores we spent the day pricing some inventory that had arrived for our alpaca product booth downtown.  Later in the day we took the inventory to the booth and rearranged the display.  Fingers crossed we will have enough inventory to last us through the Christmas period.  Unfortunately our next order of socks has been put on back order, partly due to the demand for the socks and partly due to one of the mills sock machines breaking down.

Before we knew it chore time was here again.  The alpacas were once again hungry (cold weather has that effect on them!) and it’s always fun to try and push your way through the crowd of alpacas at the gate when you are carrying a full bucket of hay and the alpacas are hungry, ready to dive in the moment you enter the pasture.

Once everyone was fed, watered and scooped it was then time to wrap up the day with a nice evening walk through the snow with Tripster and Missy, two of our dogs.  Both dogs walk fairly well on the leash, but their attention is often diverted by the rabbits on the farm who are getting increasingly bold, so the walk can become a bit of a workout at times.   Still the three of us made it through the walk without slipping on the snow.

The temperature today is supposed to be warmer and I suspect by the end of the day all the snow will be gone at least until next Friday when the forecast is for snow again.  Who knows if we carry on with this weather pattern we may even end up with a White Christmas.


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