A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

June 18, 2008

Another New Addition to Introduce

Rebecca\'s New Cria

Except this little girl does not have a name yet.  She was born on May 29 to Rebecca, who is owned by Kathryn and Tracy Annis of Dripping Springs, Texas. 


Rebecca’s little girl was somewhat of a surprise.  We knew Rebecca was close to her due date, but our late night check the night before found a happy and content Rebecca chewing her cud and sitting comfortably.


On the morning of May 29 I followed my usual routine of looking out at the girls pasture as soon as I got up.  It was about 6 a.m. and as I looked across the pasture I could see a black alpaca and a medium to dark fawn cria sitting out by the big blue shelter.  Our Queen had delivered her cria on May 13 and as I looked across the pasture I thought that was who I was looking at, until Queen’s cria Atlas ran past the other cria that was sitting in the pasture.  Hold on a minute I thought, that’s one too many crias! 


I called to Ric that we had an extra cria in the pasture, pulled on some clothes (although the neighbors are getting to used to seeing me in my pajamas in the pastures these days!) and ran out to see who had delivered a cria.  As I got nearer I could see that it was Rebecca who had given birth and her cria was sitting happily beside her – a beautiful medium fawn girl out of our herdsire Windrush Jennifer’s Zindel.


The cria still had the membrane from the amniotic sack attached to her, but it was dry and flaked off easily.  A check of the pasture revealed that the afterbirth was in the big blue shelter, indicating that was most likely where the cria had been born.  Rebecca’ is no fool and choose a comfortable, sheltered place to have her cria.


We got busy drying off the cria, dipping her naval in Iodine, checking to see that Rebecca had milk and removing the wax caps off her teats and watching to make sure the cria was nursing and getting milk.


It seemed as if we were not the only ones who had missed the big event, as once the other alpacas saw us in the pasture they realized something was going on and all rushed over to greet the new arrival.

Rebecca and her new cria

Rebecca’s cria has proved to be an independent, strong girl.  Rebecca keeps her on a fairly close rein, calling her back to her side if she strays too far, although she does allow her to join in with the crias nightly gallop and chase around the pasture.  Rebecca as always is an excellent dam and has provided great milk for her cria.  Already Rebecca’s cria is over 30 lbs. and is bearing a striking resemblance to her half brother Atlas (they share the same sire), although Atlas is a shade darker than Rebecca’s cria.

 It is difficult to name a cria when you are hundreds of miles away as Kathryn and Tracy are.  I tried to email them some pictures of their new girl but they were unable to open them.  Hopefully they can access this blog entry and at least get an idea of what she looks like and be inspired to give her a name.  In the meantime we will call her RG for Rebecca’s girl and enjoy watching her grow and thrive. (By the way Rebecca and her new cria are up for sale so if you are looking for an excellent black dam who throws some gorgeous crias and who has a beautiful female cria by her side send us an email and we will give you more information.)



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