A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

July 20, 2008

Hard Working Clearance Crew

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Sven Takes A Break from Weed Clearance

Sven Takes A Break from Weed Clearance

On occasion we put our alpacas to work – weed eating that is.  There are always those areas on any property that are difficult to mow or get to and keep clear of weeds and the alpacas are pretty handy at getting into those areas and making light work of the job.




Of course there are some weeds that are not good for alpacas and you need to be aware of which those are before allowing your alpacas to a weeded area.  Usually alpacas will not eat weeds that are harmful to them, but they will eat noxious weeds if they are hungry enough and there is always the chance that they will accidentally consume a piece of bad weed along with a mouthful of good weed, and with some noxious weeds a small mouthful is enough to do some serious damage.


If you are in any doubt about the safety of weeds on your property try contacting your local agricultural extension agent and make arrangements for him or her to visit your property and identify what you have growing.


On Saturday we allowed one group of the boys to give us a helping hand by clearing the area around our propane tank.  The area is fenced and leads off one of the boy’s pastures and so it was just a matter of opening the gate to let the boys in.  They were such willing workers and had a great day nibbling the vegetation down to next to nothing.  They did a good job and it was so much nicer than one of us working with a lawn mower or weed whacker in that area.    Thank you boys, job well done!



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