A Taste of Life at Windrush Alpacas

June 1, 2009

All Done!

The Alpacas Enjoying Their Cooler Shorn Look

The Alpacas Enjoying Their Cooler Shorn Look

Time for celebration as the alpacas are now all shorn!  We do still have the three llamas to shear and one cria (whose owner wants us to wait a little longer so he can show her fleece), but all of the alpacas are done.  What a great feeling.

Things went smoothly this year, the first shearing session on April 25 was probably the slowest as we got back into a pattern of preparing the alpacas, stretching them out for shearing, trimming toenails, treating ears for ear ticks, having bags ready for fleece, bagging the fleece and recording weights on both fleece and alpaca.  Still within a short time we were back into the swing of things and each shearing session started to flow smoothly.

Ric’s shearing featured fewer second cuts this year (whoopee!) and our teenage helper Bethany proved to be invaluable as usual doing an excellent job of catching alpacas, helping us get them stretched out and being an excellent head holder, maneuvering the alpacas heads and necks as needed to keep them secure while allowing Ric to follow his shearing pattern.

Some of the fleece has already gone off to the Regional Collection Facility for NAAFP, the rest now needs to be sorted into which fleece goes where, but if we can steel ourselves to continue until that job is done there will only be the show fleeces to store for the upcoming year – now that’s a result!

It’s great to know that shearing is done for another year, now we can get back to our regular daily routine – well at least until the first cria arrives, when things will become a little distracted again!


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